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Best Android Hacking Apps Top 3 |Real Hacking Apps

Best Android hacking apps in the world.

 In Today's world Smartphones gain a huge market across all the available gadgets in the world.Currently it is ruling the world.So,when there is demand for the smartphones.there is a demand for the cyber analyst also increases.because there are so many vulnerabilities in our smart phones that let hackers to gain access to our systems and steal our personal information, passwords ,more and more.There are over 70% in the world are using Android Smartphones .
No wonder why Android is the most popular operating system in the world.and also it is  more user friendly than IOS and also at the same time it has some disadvantages when come to security.

Today we are going to see top 3 best Android hacking apps in the world.

AndroRAT is a contraction of Android and RAT stands for remote access tool which is a piece of malware.Usually AndroRAT have a user-friendly control panel that makes it possible to control the victims.Androrat  can be used to control the infected device by making phone calls and sending SMS  as well to any person.So how users can protect their devices from this malware.
Simple they could install some anti-virus software or else keep your device updated to keep your devices away from this type malwares.and also check one or two times whenever you install apks from Playstore or from any website.

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ZANTI  is another Android application.It is a tool known for penetration testing suite for applications.Users can install local on their devices .It enables us to Scan our own network and check whether our Network has any loopholes or any vulnerabilities that could affect our device.
It tells the information about the device that is connected to our Network with out being affected the device tells information such as device name,device model and manufacturer and also tells the OS and OS versions.It also does username and password phishing.SSL stripping,image replacement, session hijacking.

FaceNiff is another good hacking tool that helps us to intercept our WiFi network and also enable is to steal the information from the victims who are all isonv our current network.
It gives information such as their surfing history from Facebook,YouTube and also steal their cookies.
Also we can give access to anybody from the information we steal from the network.
If you want to install in your device it requires rooting.yes you heard it right.your device could be rooted before you would install this software.