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Google Search Tricks 2019, latest google tricks

Hello guys do you know some cool tricks about Google search,ok i reveal search tricks and fun games behind the google search.You can search the following words on google i'm sure you definitely shocked,let's see top 10 google easter egg tricks in 2019.

Search 'wizard of oz' is Google and Click the shoes
wizard of oz google trick

Trick 1-Do a barrel roll

Open Google Chrome or google app search "Do a barrel roll" in search'll see the whole page will rotate.

Trick 2-Animal sounds

This trick will help for kids learning,just search "Animal sounds" in google search bar.It will show animal pictures and their sounds,just click the sound button hear that animal sound.

Trick 3-Askew

Type "Askew" on search bar and search watch the page will be tilted to right side like a slope.

Trick 4-Flip a Coin

Most of the people know the trick because it will help at the time of playing cricket.Search "Flip a coin" in google.

Trick 5-Roll a die

It's similar to flip a coin game just search "Flip a coin" in search bar and play with die.

Trick 6-Breathing Exercise

No need to download any meditate  app on your android phone simply open google and search keyword "breathing exercise" it will show 1-minute breathing exercise.

Trick 7-Tic Tac Toe

This is most cool game,search "tic tac toe" term on google and play with your friend,and also you can play with computer.

Trick 8-Play Snake Game

Search "snake game" on google then click play button and rock.
Note: Only 90's kids can do that.

Trick 9-Spinner

Type "spinner" on google search,it will show the spinner game and also you can spin a wheel.

Trick 10-Elgoog

Go to you can see mirror version of google with some funny options,click the actions and see what happens.

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