Finally Jeff Bezos wins .amazon Domain

After seven years of making an attempt, Jeff Bezos lead e-commerce company Amazon has finally got the .amazon domain name from the world wide web (internet) Corporation for appointed Names and Numbers .Amazon 1st applied for this domain in 2012, however its took seven years for approval as a result of a countries in South America said that the Amazon river flows,so they raised objections. However, during a meeting last week, ICANN’s board finally created a call that it's repeatedly sought-after to avoid for of these years.
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Wait is over Amazon got own Domain

amazon domain
The Board finds the Amazon corporation proposal of 17th apr 2019 and it has acceptable, and so directs the ICANN organization’s President and Founder, or his designee, to continue process of the .amazon applications in step with the policies and procedures of the New Programme,and the report quoted ICANN as express in a way of document.The company is probably going to get management of its web mortal later this summer.Amazon intends to use this domain with own business streams ,so we have a tendency to might even see web addresses look like Alexa. Amazon and in 2019.
Any way Amazon won the 7 years of battle