WhatsApp Hacked news goes viral on Internet - Do You Know How to Secure your Account

WhatsApp have 1.5 billion users,it's really huge amount of active users.In recently news about whatsapp went viral yes your guess is correct whatsapp hacked by Israel company.Hackers to install spyware to your phone through an WhatsApp voice call.

What this spyware will do?

It will activate your's phone camera and microphone and also it performs other dangerous activities.
They will monitor your data including your photos and your storage files.

Who is behind the hack?

This Spyware is developed by NSO Group Israel cyber intelligence company.

Steps To Secure your whatsApp account

  • If you using WhatsApp in any platform like Android and ios,please update your whatsapp from your app store,or click below.

Update Now

  • Go to Google play store and search WhatsApp you see update and uninstall options.
  • Choose Update 
  • Wait some time it will be install
  • Now your account will be safe.

How to Secure your WhatsApp 

Don't install any unauthorized whatsApp packages like YoWhatsApp ,GB whatsapp,Faud Mods.Only Use Official WhatsApp.Please keep your Apps UpToDate,it will keep your data safe.