World's first 5G SIM with 128 GB storage

Today we use maximum of 256 KB  storage in 4G LTE sim,you can store less amount of messages and contacts,for the first time Chinese Company Unicom has launched Super 5G Sim with Storage upto 1TB,and multi variant storage capacity like 64GB,32Gb,128GB variant.

Encrypted Data System

This Super 5G Sim comes with encryption feature it gives additional data protection.You can store big files like blu ray videos,movies,music,It will help you at the time of you moved from one phone to another,because no need to store your files in phone memory,you can store files on this sim.
In Oct 2019 Chinese unicom company will launch 5G network officially in china,they will launch this Super 5G sim in end of this year.
Note this Super 5G Sim is only support some specific mobile devices,i mean 5G enabled mobile devices.
Finally there is no official information about the price range of this Super 5G Sim.may be in india take Upto 2 years,made 5G network.i hope this interesting news will impress you for more news and tech updates please subscribe