Google Introduced 3 New Google Maps Features for India

Google maps features
Google maps has introduced three new features
On Tuesday (Yesterday) Google has introduced three new awesome google maps navigation features for indian users,First one users can track live train status and Mixed-mode directions with auto-rickshaw similar feature Bus travel Real-time based on live traffic.

Live train status Tracking

This feature will tell you live location of train and also it will check train delay time.users will see the delay time  in red colour.First of all user can enter the starting and destination location on google maps then it will show the list of trains available between the routes.choose train which you want and it will show the real time status of train.

Mixed-mode directions with auto-rickshaw

It will help you to combines public transport with auto-rickshaw.Let's see how it will work,first it will indicate when they users should take an auto-rickshaw and which stop will suitable to take one after switching from another it means of transport such as local train,metro or bus,and also it will show the estimated fare of auto rickshaw.
The mixed-mode navigation features available for big cities like Delhi and bangalore and it will be expanded to other cities as well.

Live traffic

Now Google maps allows users to see the bus travel time based on live traffic status of the route,it similar to train delay feature it will show delay time on red colour text.In case there is no time delay it will show the travel time in green colour text.
Now This feature is initially launched in Chennai,Coimbatore,Bangalore,Hyderabad, Delhi,Mumbai, Mysore,Lucknow,Surat,and Pune.