Save Nesamani Game is Trending | How to download on Your Phone

Save nesamani game
Save Nesamani
A few days back, a Civil engineer from Pakistan posted a picture of Hammer on his Facebook page and he said, "what is the name of that tool  on your country?" One Tamil guy said his name Vignesh Prabhakar, The tool name is a hammer. One person, who is trying to fix a door at the top of a staircase, drops his hammer hammer lands right on top of Nesamani head, causing him to fall down, So He has been struggling to survive.

Many people have posted about this on twitter  Within a short period, 'Pray for Nesamani', Hashtag spread worldwide Over the past two days, The love came from trending. 
In this case,  a new android game has become popular in "Tik Tok "end of the game, it will show us how many hammers keep him from falling on. This Android game is currently trending now.

How to Download Save Nesamani Game on Mobile

Step 1 : Download the Game apk file from Below link
Step 2 : Open apk file and Install
Step 3 : Open Save Nesamani game 
step 4: Click Deny storage permission, then play.