Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Man Vs Wild Tv Show-Unknown Side of Modi

pm modi on man vs wild show
PM Modi and Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild show.

Everyone knows about the familiar Man vs Wild show on the Discovery Channel. Hosted by Bear Grylls, this is one of the world-famous show. This show is being translated and broadcast in 108 countries.
The story of the show is how the Bear Grylls escapes into the jungle. within the meantime.

Official Promo Of Man vs Wild

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is partnering with Bear Grylls for the Man vs Wild Tv show, Yes, the story of next week's episode is how they are going in the jungle and escape. Bear Grylls has released a promo video for this episode on his Twitter page. Bear Grylls has announced that the event, which can be broadcast in a tv show on August 12, can reveal new facts concerning Narendra Modi.

The show has been shot as a method to spread awareness on an animal with human conservation and environmental change.

Narendra Modi Man vs Wild Showtime

On August 12 the world will see a different side of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he features on Man vs Wild, learning the tricks of survival with the show hosted by Bear Grylls to raise awareness about protecting nature.

Bear Grylls tweeted the show that will be telecast on Discovery channel on August 12 at 9 pm.