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Zombie Tamil Movie Review

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Zombie Tamil Movie: Zombie it is a comedy-adventure movie, Yaashika Aanand lead the major role in this movie and the youtube stars performance are all very good. All of you already watch Zombie movies in Hollywood style but this movie it's different from that all English movies.

Zombie Tamil Movie Cast & Crew

  • Yogi Babu
  • Yaashika Aanand
  • Gopi
  • Sudhakar
  • Bijili Ramesh
  • Manobala

Zombie Movie Review Online

Yaashika Aanand: She act is an MBBS Student role in this movie and also she guides and leads the team to escape from zombies. Yogi Babu, he is a local rowdy and he makes comedy counters from the start to end of this film.

You can feel some situations in this film have you already seen in some Hollywood movies, some logics are basically not working, otherwise this movie good. If you're going to watch this movie for entertainment, you will definitely enjoy this movie.

Produced by: Vasanth Mahalingam and V. Muthukumar
Directed by: Bhuvan Nullan
Music: Premgi Amaren

Zombie (2019) Tamil Movie Trailer

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Video Source Youtube
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
Anyway go and watch this movie at the theatre don't watch this Zombie Movie on Tamilrockers