Tharshan First Open Talk Video After Bigg Boss Elimination

bigg boss tharshan video

Bigg Boss Tharshan

The latest week one of the strongest contestant in the Bigg boss house tharshan got evicted so his fans worried about his eviction because they told is a totally unfair game.we all know tharshan loves Sanam Shetty, but in the house, he is create a beautiful relationship with Sherin. So haters use this tag line to evict tharshan from the bigg boss house.

Tharshan First Video After Bigg Boss

On yesterday October 1st tharshan post one video on his Twitter account. He will say thanks to their fans. Here you can see the video from below

Bigg Boss Title winner 

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Tharshan Played well in all the tasks, So people and fans asked a question to Bigg boss how they will be evicted tharshan.