MNC had come today for recruitment - Solve this English Grammar Quiz

MNC had come today for recruitment - Recently so many people ask this question | Check Answer

There are so many people who ask the question __ MNC had come today for recruitment?
  • Now let us see the sentence carefully.
  • First of all the sentence doest start with the Vowel letter. But the starting word M spells with all vowel letters. you can also try with that.
  • So you can use An vowel sentence before MNC.

Answer For this Question

An MNC had come today for recruitment.

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English Grammar Quiz - Question and Answer

Question No.1

__ old friend of mine helped me paint the house.
  1. The
  2. A
  3. An
Answer: An

Question No.2

__ TV in the living room but no cable connection.
  1. A
  2. The
  3. An
Answer: The

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