PUBG Mobile Banned in India! Get 6 Hour Play Time Restriction to Addiction

You can played PUBG Mobile for only 6 hours, after that you will be unable to play pubg you will come back to next day.

PUBG is extremely very much famed in Republic of India and it's been there within the news headlines the past few months for their good and bad reasons. 
"Many kids are dying due to drugs, hunger, and illness, the matter of PUBG has been taken to the highest grounds."
There are several cases of stealing, violence, suicide because of this game. Gujrat police have conjointly started impressive players for enjoying the sport. Now the reports ar egress on the net that suggests that game can presently get the playing time restriction in Asian nation. However, the knowledge isn't official and confirmed by the PUBG Corps we tend to still ought to expect the confirmation.

Notification Proof

The restriction are going to be just for six hours that provide you with access to enjoying this game for 6 hours and subsequently, you will not be ready to play pubg. You will receive a notification to come back the next day. A player under the age of 18 years will receive a prior notification after two and four hours so that they will play the game accordingly before reaching the restricted timing. If this turns out to be true then at least the ban will be lifted from the states and players will be able to enjoy the gameplay. However, banning the game was always illogical. However, do note that this, not confirmed info and there'll be any changes with the announcement. The PUBG officials have not confirmed the new so far.

PUBG Mobile in India will soon be getting play time restrictions of six hours.