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PUBG Mobile tips and VPN Tricks -Today

pubg new vpn trick today
pubg vpn trick
Hello Guys welcome to Today's Pubg mobile tips and tricks and Tips.Most of them not interested to buy Paid items on Pubg Mobile game they only interested to free items.If you are interested to collect free items and rewards in PUBG this is for you.If you don't know about pubg please check it out pubg mobile wiki
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PUBG mobile is giving country based rewards and Events for their customers LOL  i mean players because they sell legendary outfit for players it will attract the opposite player because you have legendary outfit so they mind you are pro player.
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pubg trick

Today Vpn Trick

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Pubg Vpn Trick old Working

  • Use Solo vpn or Express vpn
  • Then Connect Thailand server
  • Open Game go to Events ⏩ Showdown in berlin
  • Collect rewards.

Pubg Trick-working

  • Connect Russia Server
  • Open Pubg mobile 
  • Go to Summer Vacation Login Events
  • Collect all the rewards

PUBG Mobile Official Trick NO VPN

Hello guys this is new pubg trick you can get free classic create coupon without using VPN, yes it's true just follow our instructions to get free rewards.
  • First click the below link it is official pubgmobile site (100% Genuine)
  • Before click the link you need to copy your PUBG character Id

  • Then open the link and paste your id
  • Enter Redeem code : NEIZBZKND and Verification code Click redeem button
  • Open Pubg mobile and check System message
  • you will get Free classic create coupon
You can see that official page from below
pubg mobile tips
pubg trick

New PUBG VPN Trick-old

You will get following items for free by using this VPN trick,free items has been shown in below screenshot
pubg uc vpn trick

Steps to get Free Items

Download the VPN from below and connect to russia-moscow server other wise you won't get any free items

  • Open VPN and connect russia-moscow server
  • Open PUBG Mobile,then Go to event
  • Simply play match in Arcade Mode and collect all the free coupons.
Note:We are Tested this trick and it will work good for us.It's completely your own responsible to use this trick.we are not responsible if you're account is getting ban from using this trick.

How to Get Free Coupons

Simple you can get this items in your shop section
1.Normally open pubg mobile-Go to shop-and Redeem option like below
2.You can purchase upto 5 coupons on premium and classic.

Trick to Get Legendary item on create 

  • Collect the create coupons 
  • Close pubg mobile and download the Express VPN (personally suggest)
  • Open vpn and connect USA-New york server
  • Then open pubg mobile use creates 
  • 80% chance,you get special items.
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