How to Enable Google Maps Speedometer Feature

google map speedometer
Google maps speedometer
Recently Google has introduced three new features for indian users,you don,t know please check it out from here.Google offers new features on Google Maps by regular basis and the new feature comes to users such as on-screen speedometer.

This feature will help user to check the speed at the time of traveling.Don't waste time let's see how to enable speedometer on google maps.

How to enable Google Maps Speedometer

1.First you need to update your Google Maps app from Playstore or click update link from below.

2.Open Google maps app from your Android or Apple device
3.Click menu and go to "Settings"
4.It will show the list of settings you will find the "Navigation Settings"simply click that setting.

5.Then go to select Speedometer option,it will show default the toggle is disable,you just enable it.
Choose starting and destination location let's check it will working or not.
Note : Speedometer accuracy is good