How to download Virtual Driving licence using App


It is important you to have an driving licence DL and RC book while on traveling bike or four wheeler in India,Ministry of Road transport and highways, has now released a new Official Android an ios application called mParivahan, lost of the people know about it. which can be used to Download virtual RC book and DL Driving Licence.If you don't have Driving Licence at the time of Police stop you to show your documents like driving licence and RC book especially if you are not having original driving licence and RC book it will help, you have to show the generated driving licence to police.

First you have to download the App

Note:you need to have the date of birth and Driving licence number as mentioned on original Driving licence,for download virtual Driving licence .

Let see how to download Driving Licence 

  • Download mParivahan app using above links or Google play store
  • Open the app,Sign-up or you have already registered just Sign-in 
  • Click Top corner menu select DL information
  • Enter your Driving Licence number
  • It will show your photo with details 
  • Click on Add to my dashboard
  • Enter Date of birth for verification
  • Go back to dashboard
  • Now you can access your Virtual Driving Licence

If you forget to carry your documents just show virtual card now it is valid and also legal in india. Similar way you can generated virtual RC book of your vehicle.