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Top 5 Best horror Films of all time

Today we are going see about most fearful,horror,terror Ghost Films which makes goosebumps.So you must watch before you die. 


Actors: Jess Weixler,John Hensley,Josh Pais
Box Office Collection: $2,340,110 US dollars

It is a American Hollywood horror movie direct written and directed by Mitchell and also he is the producer of the film.and the budget of the film is $2 million US dollars,the duration of the film is 90 minutes the film was released on 19 Jan 2008.

4.The Others

Box Office Collection: $210 million US dollars

 It is a Spanish horror movie It was released on sep 2001.The film is directed by Alejandro AmenĂ¡bar and produced by Fernando Bovaira,The film has received two major awards are the Best Film and Best Director,The budget of the film is $17 million dollars,duration of the film is 104 minutes.

3.The Ring 2002

Actors:Nanako Matsushima,Hiroyuki Sanada,Rikiya Otaka
 It is a japanese horror film, released on 1998,directed by Hideo Nakata  and produced by Shinya Kawai,The budget of the film is ¥1 Billion ,and duration of the film is 95 minutes.this is the first and original film and the rest are remake of this film Eg:The Ring 2002.
Ring 2002 Trailer


Box Office Collection:$78 Million dollars

Orphan is a American film based on Psychological Horror released on Jul 2009,directed by Jaume Collet Serra and produced by joel silver,Jennifer Davisson Killoran.The budget of the film is $20 million dollars ,and runtime of the film is 123 minutes.


Box Office Collection:$77.5 Million dollars

Mirrors is also american film.It is the remake film of Straightforward 2003 south korean film released on 15 Aug 2008,directed by Alexandre Aja and produced by Alexandra Milchan,And the budget of the film is $35 million dollars ,and runtime of the film is 111 minutes.

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